“Petty F**kers”, “Embarrassment to everyone”: Twitter users blasts at Pakistanis for dragging IAF pilot Abhinandan into Ben Stokes’ press conference

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England achieved a thrilling 74-run victory against Pakistan in the first match of a test series played in Rawalpindi on Monday. As England triumphed and captain Ben Stokes faced media questions after the game, Pakistani journalists insulted Indian fighter pilot Abhinandan, who was captured by Pakistan after shooting down a Pakistani F-16 jet aircraft from his Mig-21 Bison.

A Pakistani journalist questioned Ben Stokes, “How was the tea?” in an attempt to humiliate and mock the Indian forces, echoing the same exact question they asked Wing Commander Abhinandan while he was in Pakistani custody.

It can be seen in the video how the Pakistani journalist, who could be identified by his terrible English accent, insinuates the question and answer to Ben Stokes.

But it was, in a sense, ironic that Pakistanis were inquiring about tea with Ben Stokes, given that the England team had little trust in Pakistani cooks and brought their own cook for their Pakistan tour. However, despite taking their own cook, they were still down with a bug on the eve of the first test match, with more than a dozen English players affected, a scathing indictment of poor hospitality services of a country known for harbouring Islamic terrorists that had led to its ostracism back in 2009.

Twitter users slam Pakistanis for dragging Abhinandan in Ben Stokes’ press conference, demand BCCI to get Asian nations to boycott Asia Cup

Following this, the Pakistanis present in the conference also insinuated an answer to Stokes saying that “the tea was fantastic.” A video of the conference has gone viral over the internet with Indians condemning and slamming Pakistan for such remarks.

Famous Twitter user Gabbar (@GabbbarSingh) wrote, “Such petty f*ckers. BCCI should convince all other Asian nations to boycott Asia Cup in Pakistan. And then not give Visas to their players for the World Cup.”

Such petty fuckers. BCCI should convince all other Asian nations to boycott Asia Cup in Pakistan. And then not give Visas to their players for the World Cup 😅 pic.twitter.com/vx1swStsr3

— Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) December 6, 2022

Another Twitter user wrote, “Yaha apaki pakistan team ki faad ke rakh di ben stokes & company ne lekin aap ko bas india ko, abhinandan ko troll karane ki padi hai. Isliye aapka pakistan itana picche ja raha hai as country.”

— cricket iz Life (@CricketIsLove7) December 6, 2022

Yet another user asked India to respond to the “shamelessness” of Pakistanis.

The question asked to #BenStokes about Tea (ref to #abhinandan ) in the press conference is very sickening as part of pakistan journalists, #India must respond to this, Shameless fellows!!! #abhinandanmyhero ##PAKvsEng

— Sonal Sudeep (@sonaliter) December 6, 2022

Abhinandan Varthaman captured by Pakistan after he downed an enemy F-16 jet, released under duress from India

Notably, Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistani Forces after he ejected from his jet that shot an F-16 Pakistani fighter jet. However, Pakistan Army was forced to release him due to pressure exerted by the Indian side along with international intervention into the matter.

On 28th February 2019, then Pakistan PM Imran Khan announced that the country would release Wing Commander Varthaman as a ‘peace gesture’ and on 1st March 2019, he returned to India through the Wagah Border in Atari. While in Pakistani captivity, he was mentally tortured before being handed over to India. Wing Commander Varthaman was part of the Srinagar-based 51 squadron.