Yatra Route To Opposition Unity: Rahul Gandhi Answers 5 Big Questions

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 Rahul Gandhi Answers 5 Big Questions

Rahul Gandhi said the idea was to go from "one end of India to another end of India"

Ernakulam (Kerala): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is leading the Bharat Jodo Yatra, today answered key questions during a media interaction in Kerala's Ernakulam.

Here are the top 5 points made by Rahul Gandhi

  1. On Yatra's route: Rahul Gandhi said the idea was to go from "one end of India to another end of India". "Frankly, we can't walk 10,000 km either. We have a view on what needs to be done in UP, a very clear view."

  2. On Left government in Kerala: "The evaluation of the Left government in Kerala is better done by the leadership of the Congress in Kerala. My goal for this yatra is to out across the people of India that the hatred, violence and the arrogance that is now visible in our country is not good for our country."

  3. On Opposition Unity: "I do think that it is very important that the Opposition parties come together. That is required to fight the ideology and the financial power and the institutional power as a result of the capture of the BJP and the RSS."

  4. On the post of Congress president: "My advice (to the Congress president) would be whoever becomes the chief should remember he represents a set of ideas, a belief system, the vision of India."

  5. On response to Yatra so far: "Kerala has been, frankly, overwhelming success. People have been coming out regardless of their (political) affiliations. That is very, very encouraging."

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